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Above: Royal Woodland Colorscapes with Acrylic. Below:,10 Year Old Cedar Siding Had to Go!

The home owners were flabergasted that the new (rapid growth genetically altered) cedar siding was warping and rotting off of the house after 10 years!
Some of the Premium Vinyl Siding Have a Selection of Deep Colors That Actually Don't Fade! 
This siding is guaranteed not to fade for the life of the structure for the first two home owners! 
 We did the windows here and wrapped the soffit and facia and window and door trim (and gutters on the sides you can't see too). This siding came in 16 foot (some areas can get 25 foot in this color but as it comes from Canada a larger volume would have to ordered for that. (No one can see the seams on the sixteen foot on this house anyways). The owners were so happy to be able to get basically the same color blue they liked so much, and the next door neighbors thought it was wood for a few days until they came over!
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