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When An actual Chef, Plumber, and Master Carpenter Designs a Kitchen You Know You got the Best!
 Sure a website or an individual at a box store can ask you for a few room size measurements and whip off a 3D kitchen design that seems nice. Too bad they didn't know about the codes or the condition of your plumbing. Too bad they didn't quite figure right and you have a few make peices of wood to fill here and there to make things fit, and the cabinet could have been a more useful design instead. Too bad about the way cut off part of the trim, etc. Too bad they didn't put the $3000 in plumbing up grades due to code in for you. Too bad they didn't do a proper subfloor in and your tile started cracking after just a year. Too bad the designer didn't think about traffic and refridgerator and oven door clearances. Too bad they didn't know about how some kitchen vent designs get ice or cause ice damns.
 Oh yes the list of "too bads" goes on and on for other peoples customers, but not for ours!
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