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A Vaulted Studio Roof Cleans the Design Up
This room a Studio roof and a whopping 8 x 8 patio door. Filled with excellent energy efficient windows and doors, this room can be used extended season and the favorite room in the house. 
BEFORE: An old home made addition in danger of collapse had to come down. 
An old patio slab was the base and an aluminum awning was the base of the roof as a previous home owner had gradually nailed and glued together a room made of scraps!
Oh Yes, The Tear Down Was Lots of Fun!
Fortunately our concrete specialist has 40 years experience and had a very small back hoe just right for the job! (Unfortunately the home owners and yours truly tore the room itself down - don't you love working for relatives). The project was fun though and we got to put in a very cool heated floor, see below!
Minnesota and Some Parts of Wisconsin Want Three and Half to Five Foot Deep Frost Footings!
The inch and a half foam up against the block on the outside is a thermal break which is an exceptionally good idea for a slab on grade even in a walk out basement. The bottom row is the footer or base, and the top row is for the wall to sit on as dirt is actually against the lower part of that row of block.
This Perspective Shows the Foundation in Place and Slab Ready to Pour
Now that we have a firm and insulated foundation to support the walls and the roof, the slab is ready to be poured. We have delayed the demo on the old addition (left side) until we have the walls and first half of the roof framing built so that the roof will be "watered in" quickly in case there is bad weather.
The In Floor Heating Hose Layout & Caveats
The house comes out and goes back in to the back of the house. IF the hose is a single lone run then the room needs no zone control making it quite affordable for a small room. The limit is a 200 foot hose. It could have a separate hot water heater or there are some made that pass through heat for the floor while heating normal bathing and cooking water. Just a thermostat and off on, and bleeding controls are needed for this single zone method. Notice the thick foam it is laying on for further thermal breaking.
Hose Proped Up by Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Spacing and layout was provided by the hose manufacturer.
The Slab is Poured and the Continous Frost Footings are Backfilled
 Now where in heavens name is that lumber? (More photos about the process later).
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