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Green is Their Favorite Color!
The decorative glass is not only beautiful, but it serves the function of privacy and security. It lets light in but it is hard to see through (if not impossible in many cases). The storm doors also "whoosh" shut and people love the maintenance free thresholds. The upgraded storm door satin nickel handle and lock set are matched to the side storm door as well.
Grids Can Be Inside or Outside the Glass Pack
Grids can also offer some degree of privacy. For a very realistic look of old fashioned divided lites from up close external grids can be used. For an excellent illusion of divided lites, internal shaped grids work well but make window cleaning a much easier task. Notice that on both doors the glass trim is the same color as the door. Most box store brands have a much less expensive trim peice for this function which is known to discolor and sag and crack, and they have limited warranty in the small print. You get what you pay for!
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