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Bow Window Happy Owners
A bow window can really make a room special.
 Bow windows have window sections that are all the same size. The can be doulbe hung or casment, any number of which can open (but usually just the two ends).
Bow Windows Can Have Casement or Double Hung Flankers as Well 
Each window section on a bow window is a 10 degree angle. A bow can come with 3 to six window sections. The more sections, the greater the projection (depth). Any combination could have grids.
A Bow Window Adds Curb Appeal and Privacy Too!
Minnesota Bow Window
The exterior could be beige or brown and even more colors in some brands. 
Bow Window on Rambler
Some Brands Need No Support From The Bottom
In Minnesota and Wisconsin we add several layers of R11 insulation under the seat, build a plywood frame around them, and wrap them with aluminum trim coil to match. Although some manufacturers still recommend hanging with cable supports, we use chains which won't stretch over time. When you want to know about long term results ask a remodelor!
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